[10-03-2007] - Bleh
Actually, the current build of the shooter thingie looks like this...

...but development came to a screeching halt again as Mermaid disappeared... 8-(
I'm just finishing something totally different now.

[21-01-2006] - Ehrm...
People told me the last 2 sentences of my last entry sounded very arrogant and rude.
I'm really proud I managed to get them that right.

[21-01-2006] - Ouch.
One of my HDDs died. Of course, it was the biggest one, 240GB, and naturally, the last backup of my sources was really old. I was so tired of all this crap anyway, video game development channels flooded with 14-year-old ev1l-h4xx0rz who have no clue how to display a single sprite on hardware that was specifically designed to display sprites, so I decided to stop with all this GBA shite.
I didn't even care to fix my PC. I still have the Mac, you know, and I decided to start coding PSP games, simply because this hardware is really too "sexy" (Harr-harr). The only problem is, the target audience seems to be even more retarded than your average Nintendo-kiddie. Arghl.
After all, and out of boredom, I managed to set up my GBA development system on the Mac, and I sort of fixed my PC too. Lots of my code is gone, but my environment is up and running again (well, almost). So my next video game will definitely be for the GBA (after quite a few discussions with my friends from OZ, poor fellows can't afford cool hardware there *g*) again. *AND* for the PSP.
As usually, I won't comment on anything unless the game is finished. I also won't discuss any other homebrewn games, otherwise I'll get banned from the usual channels again. God damn my fecking sarcasm.

[02-08-2005] - Beer Belly Bill 2
Yay, won another PDRoms.com compo with a GBA game. I'm not too happy with the result, the game was really rushed, and the gameplay just doesn't work as well as I imagined. Anyway, the next game will be better again, promised.

[03-02-2005] - Hell is freezing over...
I bought a Mac.

[01-26-2005] - Working on *something*
Busy busy busy in the office at the moment, and a certain client of us (anti-virus software, anyone?) wants to sabotage my current GBA project with long hours, but...

[12-24-2004] - Trailblazer (cont'd)
Uploaded an X-Mas version of Trailblazer, containing all levels of the C64 version.

[12-13-2004] - Trailblazer
Uploaded the demo version of my latest GBA game, currently called "Trailblazer". It's a modern conversion of the old 8-Bit classic by Shaun Southern, but it plays quite differently, so we'll change its name.

[07-14-2004] - Relaunch!
Relaunch of this website. Large portions of it aren't working yet, but I'll upload them subsequently.

[07-12-2004] - /.
Nintendo Gameboy Advance with Flash Advance Writer: 200 Euros.
Crate of Augustiner beer for 3 nights of programming: 12 Euros.
Getting slashdotted for winning the PDRoms.com Coding Compo with my first Metalvotze release: priceless.