Finally, some update...
Well, actually it's more like a complete relaunch of the entire website. The old layout lasted for about 4 years, but it looked like the average homepage of a 14-year old goth girl in the end, so eventually I decided to change it before someone invites me to sacrifice a rabbit over at the graveyard.
Maybe I'll upload some more photos from demoscene parties one day, in the meantime, you might want to check out my homebrewn Gameboy Advance games, Flash stuff or bug me either by or on IRCnet, I'm known as "WiDDY" there.

WiDDY, August 2004.

Latest Update (08-21-2007):
The party version of Reaxion GBA was released at Buenzli 16 and is available for download now.
This game placed 2nd in this years game development competition at Buenzli.
This game placed 8th at the 4Players awards: Best Scene Game 2007.