Here are the Gameboy Advance games I programmed during the last months.
All ROM images on this page are freeware, which means you are legally allowed to download, use and copy them, as long as the original archives are not altered and NO money at all is charged for them. This also includes obscure "distribution fees", downloads from pay sites, etc. In other words, if you paid a single cent for one of these games, you've been ripped off and should consider informing the authorities.
None of these games is an official product by Nintendo. Any mentioned trademarks or brands are property of their respective owners.
By the way, both you and me know it's impossible, but in case you fry your hardware or erase your hard disk with these programs - I'm not responsible for any damage. They've been tested on both real hardware (recommended) and with the VisualBoyAdvance emulator, though.

This was my very first Gameboy Advance game ever, Mah-Jongg Solitaire with pretty hicolor graphics.
It still has some minor glitches and missing features, but it is perfectly playable and I can't be arsed to finish it.

Beer Belly Bill™
A classic Game & Watch style game I coded within some sober nights. You have to collect the empty bottles Bill throws down the scaffolding and return crates of fresh beer back to him.
This game won the PDROMs Console Coding Competition 2.5.

"The winner, Beer Belly Bill, is a luscious tribute to Nintendo games of yore." - Edge magazine (UK), issue 140

Minigolf mit Wolf (coming soon)
A 2D miniature golf game, it includes an entire course with 18 holes and supports up to 4 players. The controls are similar to "Leaderboard" or the older "Links" titles.

Vidgames Zockertreffen 4 Party Invitation Intro
The folks at Vidgames originally were promised to get a Virtual Boy invitation intro for their "Zockertreffen 4" party by someone, but they didn't receive anything at all. So the main organizer asked me if I could code something for the GBA the night before, and actually, I could! 8-)
The intro itself is pretty average, no music and lots of recycled routines, but I had to finish it in a couple of hours...

Trailblazer Advance
It won't get much better than that. A modern conversion of Shaun Southern's old 8-Bit classic by yours truly. This game is featuring Mode 7 like 3D graphics running at full 60 frames per second, all 21 levels of the C64 version, and it is really enjoyable.

"WOW WOW WOW! A really sweet Trailblazer clone for the GBA." -

"In terms of presentation, the game has had a massive overhaul, and the new graphics put you more in mind of a high-end SNES game than something that first appeared on aging Commodore hardware. [...]
For fans of fast arcade games that require the reflexes of a jittery flea hyped up on caffeine, Trailblazer Advance is a great game."

Beer Belly Bill™ 2 - Morning Shift
Another PDROMs Console Coding Competition, this time with the topic "Classic Gaming"...
Collect the empty bottles again, and make sure you use your limited supply of Premium Beers™ wisely!
This game won the PDROMs Console Coding Competition 3.33.

"While this premise may offend some, I personally got too caught up in the frenetic gameplay to care. The core gameplay elements are too simple and addictive and this is the kind of game that could easily keep you busy on a train ride or a car ride, which is a good thing since the game is for Gameboy Advance." - Mad Crow Disease

Beer Belly Bill™ 3: Grillieren!
PDROMs are taking a little break, so I had to find another compo to win with Beer Belly Bill™ - then the Swiss blokes from Buenzli came to the rescue.
Bill is having a barbecue, and of course it's up to you to serve delicious meat to him!
This game won the Buenzli 15 Game Development Competition.

"Mobile edutainment at it's best!" - 0xtob @

Reaxion GBA (Party version)
Reaxion GBA does exactly what it says on the tin, it's a conversion of the C64 game to the GBA. It's a typical puzzler similar to "Lights Out" with 99 levels, design and graphics by T.M.R, music by Bexta and code by yours truly.
This game placed 2nd at the Buenzli 16 Game Development Competition.
This game placed 8th at the 4Players awards: Best Scene Game 2007.

"After playing some of the other versions of the game, I have to admit that Reaxion is far more suited to handheld gaming than I'd previously thought it would be. Upon receiving my pre-release copy I was genuinely surprised at how excellent it is." - James Monkman, RGCD